Sustainability Communication at Lenzing Papier

Sustainability Communication at Lenzing Papier

In a world profoundly influenced by environmental issues, embracing sustainability becomes an imperative component of the solution. As a manufacturer of premium recycled paper, we recognise our responsibility to effectively communicate our sustainability strategy and raise awareness regarding environmental concerns. At Lenzing Papier, we are determined to tackle these challenges while reinforcing our brand and appealing to new customers who share our vision.

Transparency, authenticity, and commitment form the fundamental pillars of our communication strategy. Our objective extends beyond the mere dissemination of information about our sustainability efforts; we want to inspire and motivate our customers to actively contribute to a viable future. To accomplish this, we have outlined a series of steps to effectively communicate our sustainability strategy.

Transparency: Clear insights into our sustainability endeavours

At the forefront of our priorities is our commitment to communicating our sustainability efforts with the utmost clarity and transparency. Our aim is to inspire confidence in our customers to put our shared values into action. Therefore, we share comprehensive information on our corporate values, practices and progress in regular sustainability reports accessible on our website.

Our inspiring story

Our pursuit of sustainability serves as a source of inspiration and motivation. We are happy to openly share our success and hurdles throughout this journey with our customers and friends. Through interviews, photos and stories on our website, social media, and various marketing materials, we communicate the progress of our sustainability efforts, illuminating the possibility of effecting positive change.

Integration into brand identity

Our sustainability strategy is strongly woven into our brand identity. We are steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that our marketing materials reflect our values and sustainability efforts. This is accomplished through the inclusion of our logos, keywords, and colours, all of which illustrate our dedication to sustainability.

Partnerschaften für eine größere Wirkung

We firmly believe that together we can achieve more. That is why we forge partnerships with other like-minded companies and organisations with similar values and objectives. Through such collaborations, we can expand our reach and spread our message even further.

Measurable progress

The measurable progress of our sustainability performance holds the utmost significance for us. That is why we are dedicated to regularly sharing reports and metrics on our website and in our marketing materials, allowing for transparent reflection of our progress. In doing so, we aim to demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement and attainment of our goals.

The commitment of our employees

Our employees are an important factor in the successful implementation of our sustainability strategy. We ensure their values are aligned with ours and actively foster their support in terms of these joint efforts. Through training, workshops, and internal communication initiatives, we raise awareness among our employees regarding those issues and inspire them to integrate sustainable actions into their daily work. A devoted team plays a crucial role in effectively communicating our message and values, making a valuable contribution to the realisation of our sustainability goals.

Together towards a sustainable future

We are convinced that effectively communicating our sustainability strategy enhances our reputation and fosters long-term partnerships with our customers. Through transparent reporting of our efforts, we aim to inspire others to make environmentally conscious choices and contribute to a viable future.

At Lenzing Papier, we take pride in being a manufacturer of premium recycled paper, actively committed to sustainability. We firmly believe that our customers receive high-quality products but also the assurance of contributing to the protection of the environment. Our effective sustainability communication serves to raise awareness of environmental issues, strengthen our brand, and attract new customers seeking environmentally friendly solutions.

Together, we can shape a sustainable future and effect positive change. By communicating our sustainability strategy and advocating environmentally conscious actions, we are laying the groundwork for a better world where a sound environment is indispensable.

Get in touch with us today and be part of our mission to make the world greener and more sustainable.  

We look forward to hearing from you and shaping the future together!

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How we develop and manufacture products today shapes the world we will inhabit tomorrow. With this in mind, we at Lenzing Papier are working towards a sustainable future. The Cradle to Cradle product standard enables us and our customers to assess the positive impact of our products on the environment.

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