Stories from the Salzkammergut: Our connection to nature

Stories from the Salzkammergut: Our connection to nature

Nestled amidst breathtaking mountain landscapes and pristine lakes of Salzkammergut, our recycled paper factory finds its setting. In these enchanting natural surroundings, we use environmentally friendly methods to produce recycled paper and protect our nature. Our highly skilled paper production employees are avid nature enthusiasts, drawing inspiration from outdoors. They are passionate about maximizing the potential of our environmentally friendly production methods, ensuring that our high-quality paper products respect nature.

Sustainability at the heart of our production

An essential part of our efforts to minimize the environmental impact is the utilization of wastepaper as a raw material. We source this wastepaper from suppliers who, like us, apply sustainable procurement practices. For the recycled paper production process, we use energy-efficient technologies that significantly reduce energy consumption during paper production. 

Through the utilization of state-of-the-art technology, every resource is converted completely, ensuring that no waste is left for landfill.

A deep connection to nature

Our love for nature extends beyond our production methods. Our employees enjoy spending their free time in the mountains and lakes surrounding our factory. They are aware of the beauty and vulnerability of our natural environment, and actively engage in its protection and preservation. Through various initiatives, such as cleaning campaigns and participation in nature conservation projects, they contribute to the preservation of the environment and maintain it for generations to come.

Thousands of users, one common vision

It fills us with pride that thousands of users of our recycled paper support our environmentally friendly production methods and share our love and passion for nature. They recognize that by printing their documents, such as CSR reports or books, on our recycled paper they make a positive contribution to the environment. Together, we pursue the common vision of a sustainable future and are committed to preserving nature.

Together towards a sustainable future

The values of our customers hold inestimable inspiration to us. Thousands of users choose to use our recycled paper because they are committed to making a positive environmental impact, while maintaining high quality print output. With their decision to use our products, the show the world their commitment to enhance the environment. Our customers and us: we are forming a strong community with a shared vision.

Invitation to explore

We invite you to discover our products and experience our passion for sustainability. Choose “Lenzing Papier” and support environmentally friendly production of recycled paper.

You can print your CSR report, marketing materials, books and documents on our premium paper, clearly displaying your sustainability efforts. Together, we can make an impact in reducing waste, conserving resources and protecting our natural environment.

Be part of a movement committed to sustainability and environmental protection. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products. Together, we can shape a sustainable future!

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