Lenzing Papier offer their customers products to support the efforts in reducing their environmental impact. Lenzing Papier`s processes cause significantly lower emissions into the environment than most other paper products. 

Not only with respect to fossil carbon emissions, but also to water use, to waste water purification and to prevention of landfill, we are frontrunners of green papermaking. For people who even want to go a step further, we offer options of offsetting unavoidable fossil emissions as another contribution to climate change prevention. 

With our in-house deinking processes and the integration into low carbon energy generation, emissions can be kept well below best available technology standards.

Use of recycled paper products is a proven way to efficiently use resources like water, raw materials and energy and to prevent generation of methane as a consequence of land-filling paper waste. Methane is a green house gas which has a much stronger influence on global warming than carbon dioxide. Numerous scientific studies have proven that use of recycled papers is under most circumstances causing fewer emissions and is therefore better for the environment than the use of virgin products. 

Virgin fibres certainly are at some point in time the raw material for recycled products and should be produced with utmost care. Cellulosic products are sustainable by definition, as they come from renewable sources.