With the installation and successful start-up of a new waste paper preparation- and deinking plant, the year 1984 was a milestone in Lenzing Papier's history since it's foundation in 1892. For nearly 30 years of operation, Lenzing Papier was able to build up expertise in the preparation and deinking of fibres “made-to-measure.. for the manufacture of various high quality paper products. 

In-house preparation and use in liquid state makes intermediate drying of deinked fibres unnecessary, in contrast to “recycled.. paper producers, who purchase market deinked pulp, where carbon emissions are generated to evaporate the pulp suspension for cheaper transportation and longer durability. 

Lenzing Papier stands for continuous optimisation and development of its technology and its ecological performance, which has resulted in a portfolio of products for demanding clients all over the world, who appreciate the cleanliness, the appealing haptics combined with whitenesses according to the taste of the respective consumers and markets.